Create a unique AR/VR project
April 15—16

30 hours for project creation
20+ projects

the best ideas comes to life
150+ participants

programmers, designers, marketers etc.
4 nominations

and the best prizes from partners and sponsors
AVRA Minsk Hackathon is
A platform for translating bold ideas into real business projects
Meeting with the best AR/VR specialists, partners, Investors
Hypothesis testing and R&D research, quick results and feedback
Catalyst of industrial processes
Do you know what virtual and augmented reality is? Do you have any ideas and desire to implement them? Come on AVRA Hackathon and realize the dream in a real project! Participation is FREE
What can you get?
The team
Build a unique team of like-minded people who are eager to embody an unusual idea and its development
2 days of brainstorming
You will have 30 hours for creativity, brainstorming, creating, testing the product. And 3 minutes for his presentation!
Implement an innovative idea and discover new ways of using
AR/VR technologies
Each participant will receive nice Souvenirs, and the winners — valuable prizes!
What technologies can you work with?
Participants will receive VR-helmets, Microsoft HoloLens and controllers for testing their projects
Augmented reality
Virtual reality
Mixed reality
The nominations
The best project
The best game
The best
business solution
The best
social project
The team of experts
Alexandr Lukichev
Chief Information Officer VR Tech
Владимир Определенов
зам. директора по информационным технологиям Музея им.А.С.А.Пушкина
Alina Michaleva
Consultant at new media and VR
Timofey Golovin
Director of corporate servicesNUMA
Konstantin Netilev
Expert in VR/AR technologies
Михаил Юрченко
CEO 4 i Lab
Andrey Gershfeld
Partner Flint Capital
Believe in yourself, come to the AVRA MINSK HACKATHON,
and we will help you to achieve results

More information about conference
Past AVRA hackathons:
AVRA Hackathon in Sant Petersburg
February 20—21
110 participants / 14 projects

The winner: TVORI is a platform for animation. The project has attracted investments and was released on Steam to a wider audience
AVRА Hackathon on AVRA Days
June 12—13
150 participants / 19 projects

4 the project became a startup
VR game Goalkeeper VR was released
AVRA Hackathon in Moscow
Desember 46
270 participants / 41 projects

The biggest hackathon on the development of AR/VR projects. Prize fund is 3 million rubles
April 15—16
AVRA Minsk Hackathon
Minsk, Libavo-Romenskaya str, 23, Wargaming

Kate Filatova +79160418786
Konstantin Netilev +375447044077
E-mail: info@ar-vr.org