Digital forum, exhibition & educational workshop
November 26—27th, 2019
Digital Business Space, Moscow
The main event of the year on the effectiveness of AR/VR/AI/5G technologies for business, prepared by professionals and absorbed the maximum of expertise
2 days
first-class networking of corporations, specialized companies, developers, investors, startups
50 experts
international and russian companies will tell about trends, the best business cases and how to make money on it
30 projects
with the best AR / VR/AI projects for implementation and expertise about effective technology application
1500 guests
heads of innovation, retail, HR, service STATIONS, investors, startups and development companies
AR VR AI 5G technologies
Expertise and insights
Industry trends
Successful cases (and not so) in industry, education, medicine, retail, marketing, etc.
Lectures and panel discussions
Exhibition of advanced AR / VR projects
Latest developments
Industry project
Creative zone with AR / VR
Vacancy wall
Competition of bright ideas
Here you will learn how to build a development strategy, effectively implement AR / VR technologies and get a measurable result
Educational intensive on the practical application of technology
1500 потенциальных партнеров
супер нетворкинг

100 заказчиков и инноваторов

You can find a successful case for your company under the supervision of industry experts
On implementation in industry, retail, marketing, education, health and safety, medicine and new media
The best experts from Russia, USA and Europe will make reports. They will talk about how they implement innovations, what difficulties they encountered and what experience they gained as a result
Sergey Doronichev
Schlumberger, Head of AR / VR Innovation Center (USA)
Taylor Freeman
Axon Park & UploadVR, Founder (USA)
Alina Mikhaleva
Spherica, Founder (USA)
Andrey Drobitko
SketchAR, Founder (Lithuania)
Anton Beskhodarny
Gazpromneft, Head of technology strategy programs
Maxim Kozlov
Sberbank, Head of AR / VR lab
Evgeny Gorshkov
HP Inc, Value Area Category Manager
Alexander Leus
Sibur, Head of Industry 4.0
Alexandra Arendal
BIOCAD, Director of the department of organizational development and talent management
Sergei Nossoff
Teslasuit, CEO
Watch all speakers
Sergey Lukashkin
Bank VTB, Digital Transformation Director
Ekaterina Degay
Formika Lab, Director
Ekaterina Filatova
AVRA Ассоциация, President
Leonid Polyakov
Ubimax, Vice President of business development
Alexey Kalenchuk
Skolkovo, Director of VR/AR acceleration , new media
Dmitry Kirilov
Modum Lab, Director
Kirill Samohodkin
Yode Group, Creative Director
Georgiy Molodsov
Director, Curator of 360-film festivals
Ilya Flax
Fibrum, Founder / Ланит, Head of VR-direction
Sergei Oseledko
Radio Echo of Moscow, Presenter
Ilya Wiger
VR-Concept, Director
Anatoly Scherbakov
Faradise, Director
Yulia Hukalenko
Центр НТИ ДВФУ VR/AR, Curator of education
Ekaterina Kovaleva
Hello computer, Co-founder
Roman Vdovchenko
Antilatency, Head of development
Vitaliy Kirilin
BURINTECH, Methodologist
Andrey Bartimenko
Rostec Academy, Vector program manager
Vladimir Stishkin
Gazpromneft, Head of AR / VR lab
Yuriy Kotlomin
UNGA, Digital-director in Russia and CIS
Denis Kulakov
Brand4Rent, Licensing Agency
Dmitriy Yakovenko
Music Media Dome, Director
Daniil Trabun
Ekaterina Teveleva
Grata Adv, Head of exhibition direction
Ilya Faizov
Visuals, Founder and Director of customer service
Inna Mitina
G-Energy Academy, Director.
TPS Realty, Head of information technology support and training Department
Roman Kupriyanov
Radugadesign, Commercial Director
Stanislav Natapov
Presentation technologies, Director
Yulia Samodurova
Inty, Head of concept Department
Janet Koshurnikova
Culture of innovation, Partner
More speakers are to be added soon.
AVRA DAYS 2017-2018
Association of Augmented, Virtual Reality and Interactive Technologies
Center Expertise in AR / VR and Interactive Technologies in CIS area. A professional association of AR / VR companies, customers, institutes and professionals of IT and creative industries. Responsible for business, market and demand. Engaged in industry development, consulting, analytics and organization of specialized events
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